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​by Brenda Baker

illustrated by Gwyn Baker

​A heartwarming story written in verse and filled with vivid illustrations, Ponder encourages taking time to think about the beautiful things in life and question how and why the world works.

Tendra the turkey

by Brenda Baker

illustrated by Maia Batumashvil

‘Twas the eve before T-Day

The feast menu was set,

And Tendra the turkey

Was feeling the threat

Of yams with marshmallows

And dried ears of corn. 


Poor Tendra the turkey 

Was feeling forlorn! 


For she’d heard of 

Past poultry

And the terrible feat

That all poultry persuasion

Eventually meet.


But Gustavo the goat

(Tendra's very best friend)

Brainstormed a smart plan

To change Thanksgiving's end!


They'd give it their all

And use sneaky-type planning...


Oh please,

Let this be one big


Oddly Colorful
by Brenda Baker
illustrated by Maia Batumashvili
Darren is an odd boy, and that's just fine with him.
He likes it that way!
One day, on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon, a moving
truck stops right next to his house. And out walks
Linda Lee Ta-Da-Look-At-Me! 
On her hands, of course.
Could this be the beginning of a beautiful new best friendship?
Psst! Be sure to keep an eye out for snails!

All titles are available on, Barnes&, and in fine bookstores everywhere.

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